Genesis 24 – A Match Made In Heaven


Many people are looking for that special person to spend the rest of their lives with. Today’s message shows us the result of trusting God to bring that person to us. It has a love story, a test of character and camels.


map-journey-abrahamA Map showing the 800-900 mile distance from Canaan to Ur.

Camel-Dromendary90% of the camels in the world are these Dromendary (one-hump) camel

Camel-BactrianBactrian (two-hump) camel

BabyCamelA baby camel

Salt caravans pass each other in the enormous plain of the Ténéré Desert. A year of good rains to the south made unusually large numbers of camels healthy enough for the two month-long round trip to the oasis of Bilma, where local Tuareg traders buy salt to sell in Southern Niger and Northern Nigeria. The caravan in the foreground is on it’s way out of the desert, each camel loaded with 200kg of salt, while the one in the background is on it’s way to Fachi, with loads of fodder and foodstuffs for the return trip.Two camel caravans passing each other in the desert. The camels in the caravan in the foreground are carrying 400lbs of salt each.

Camel-GoogleStreetViewTen-year-old camel Raffia carries a Google Street View Trekker camera taking in the sights as she walks through the desert.

FamilyTreeFamily tree showing the relationship between Isaac and Rebekah. When Eliezer realized this, he stopped and worshiped God for answering Abraham’s prayers. (Gen 24:26,27)

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