Here is a message from Genesis Chapter 4 that has better audio and uses some of the same quotes.
Jesus reminds us that we should forgive others in light of the unbelievable forgiveness that God has shown us.
Jesus instructs His followers on how to handle the challenging topic of church discipline.

Matthew 18b – Sin is Serious

September 15, 2019
Jesus reminds us that the consequences for sin are real and He is the only One Who can both find us and  save us.

Matthew 18a – Like a Child

September 8, 2019
Jesus teaches His disciples a lesson on humility.
A small amount of faith placed in the right Person can have a overwhelming effect.

Matthew 17a – No Equal

August 18, 2019
Jesus stands above all others in His humility, obedience, glory and power.
What does it take to get the keys to God's kingdom? Which way will the key of the Gospel turn in a person's heart?
How do we respond when the plans we make are changed? Can God be trying to teach us and bless us in these 'unplanned' situations?

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